And So This Is Christmas

December 22, 2011  •  Leave a Comment
Once again this year I spent some time taking some close-up shots of Christmas ornaments around our home.  Shooting Christmas decorations and ornaments is always fun, for many reasons.  They're often colorful, and reflective.  They can be shot in interesting environments (on the mantle, hanging from the tree, etc.)  And they're relatively unusual objects - i.e. they're not things you would display in your house at any other time of the year.
After sifting through all the shots I took, I realized that there really were only two that turned out the way I wanted.  What made these two shots particularly interesting is the fact that, together, they represent the two aspects of what Christmas typically represents to people.
The secular aspect of Christmas is personified in Santa Claus.  We have a paper mache Santa figure, and this is a close-up of his face.  The blurred lights (or "bokeh") in the background is our Christmas tree.
The spiritual aspect (and, in my opinion, the more important part) of Christmas can of course be represented in many many ways.  It just so happened that an ornament of ours was hanging in a perfect setting on our tree, allowing me to grab a nice photo.  This little angel is a wood carving that my in-laws brought home from a trip to Germany.  In this context, I think you could say that it represents the *true* meaning of Christmas:
So I think these two shots represent the two sides of the holiday.  I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying the secular part, as long as the spiritual part is kept in mind, since it's the real "reason for the season".
As a wise man once said:  "That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown."
From all of us here at "Mark's Weekly Photoblog" (well, OK, that's just me)...
...have a Merry Christmas.


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