November Sunrise

December 01, 2011  •  Leave a Comment
I created this blog a while back simply as an outlet for me to share photos that I created during the previous week, and as an incentive for me to get my camera out of the bag more often.  Sometimes I have a back-story related to the photo(s), or some underlying message to relay.  But sometimes, I just have a cool photo that I want to post.
This week is one of those times when I just simply have a photo.  Last weekend, my wife and I were up early, and while taking my dog outside, I noticed that a really attractive sunrise was brewing in the distance.  Of course, all sunrises are beautiful.  But on this late-autumn morning there were a lot of clouds in the sky (which always makes for a compelling image during the "golden hours" of the day), and the rising sun was creating a gorgeous mixture of reds and purples, while the bluish sky was also poking through.  So, like any self-respecting amateur photo bug, I ran and got my camera and tripod.  Here's the image I got:
My goal was to expose for the sky, to create a silhouette of the trees.  It was a bit of a breezy morning, so the clouds were moving, resulting in a slightly blurry sky due to my slow shutter speed.  But I think it works.
The amazing part about shooting sunrises and sunsets is that they don't last long.  This scene was gone about 10 minutes after I shot it. 
Anyway, no underlying message here, just a nice November sunrise that I wanted to share.


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