Thanksgiving Morning

November 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I wanted to share a Thanksgiving-related photo, on this the eve of the big day.

As the autumn morning sun streamed through the window of our dining room, lighting up our table, making our centerpiece flowers glow, and casting some interesting shadows across the tablecloth, I realized that this was a good photo opportunity.

Yep, nothing gets past me.

Anyway, here's the shot:

Thanksgiving MorningThanksgiving MorningA quiet table, illuminated by the morning sun, just prior to Thanksgiving Day.

I titled this blog post "Thanksgiving Morning", because it's sort of nice to see this image and imagine that it's a Thanksgiving table at the start of the holiday, just before the people and food arrive. But the truth is the photo was actually taken on the day before Thanksgiving. I think the image is still effective, though.

Happy Thanksgiving.




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