Sunlight and Moss in the Trees

December 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Any fan of The Eagles is familiar with Seven Bridges Road, a masterpiece of 5-part harmony. In the song, they reference "moonlight and moss in the trees", and the fact that it can be know...down the Seven Bridges Road.

During a visit to the semi-deep south this past year, we saw plenty of moss in the trees. And I actually tried to keep an eye out for a shot of it in the moonlight, just because of that song (because that's the kind of thing that floats my boat). But alas, I couldn't make it happen.

Still, I did see plenty of shots of the Spanish moss being lit up by sunlight. Here are a few:

In this first shot, the moss almost seems to glow. This tree was especially heavy with it.


Spanish Moss #1Spanish Moss #1Spanish moss in a Charleston area tree is lit up by the sun.


Next we have a shot in which I created a silhouette of the tree, letting the moss be the focal point.


Spanish Moss #3Spanish Moss #3Spanish moss in a silhouetted Charleston area tree is lit up by the sun.


Finally, my favorite of the three shots, because the moss fills the frame:


Spanish Moss #2Spanish Moss #2Spanish moss in a Charleston area tree is lit up by the sun.


Interestingly, Spanish moss is neither Spanish, nor moss. I won't bore you with the details of what it actually is. But Google it - it's interesting. 

We did learn to not touch it, especially when it's on the ground, because it's often infested with lots of nasty little critters.

But the sun sure lights it up nicely when it's on the trees. It probably looks good in moonlight too.




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