Lincoln Model K

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Over the holidays, my wife and I usually like to take a day and do something fun, just the two of us, in or around the great city of Pittsburgh. This past year, we decided to go to the Frick Art & Historical Center. There's a beautiful old mansion there called "Clayton" which was the home of Henry Clay Frick and his family in the late 19th and into the 20th century.

We toured the mansion (where no photography is allowed, which is unfortunate but certainly understandable), and then moved on to other attractions at The Frick, including the Car & Carriage Museum. Frick's collection of antique cars and carriages is, well, just really cool. And there, photography was allowed. So I snapped away.

I still need to examine all of the shots I got that day, but here's one that I've already processed.

It's a hood ornament shot from a 1931 Lincoln Model K Sport Phaeton (pronounced "fay-uh-tun"). 

1931 Lincoln Model K1931 Lincoln Model KA close-up of the hood ornament on a 1931 Lincoln Model K Sport Phaeton (taken at the Frick Art & Historical Center in Pittsburgh, PA).


As you can see, I decided to make this a monochrome image. I thought that highlighted the contours of the hood ornament well, and just looked appropriate for the subject.

The car itself is gorgeous. Sorry I don't have a full shot of it to share with you - but Google "Lincoln Model K Sport Phaeton" and you'll see what I mean. 

If you're wondering, this car has a 385 cubic inch, 120 hp, 3-speed, V8 engine. The car belonged to Helen Clay Frick, Henry's daughter. It's purchase price was $4,600.

I looked online...the Sotheby's web site has a Model K that sold for $165,000.

Needless to say, I want one. So I'd better start saving up. For now, I'm happy with a cool shot of the hood ornament.



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