My Favorite Season

October 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I'm a big fan of the fall, as has been well documented on this blog.

While in upstate New York recently, I captured these images of my favorite season.

First, your standard shot of autumn leaves that are still on the tree. They were a good distance in front of the trees behind them, allowing me to get a nice blurry background:


Autumn at Watkins GlenAutumn at Watkins GlenAutumn leaves at Watkins Glen State Park, NY.


Next is an image of some fallen leaves that were floating near the bank of Keuka Lake. My eye is always drawn to a splash of bright color surrounded by duller colors, like this:


Leaves on the LakeLeaves on the LakeAutumn leaves floating near the bank of Keuka Lake, NY.


Finally, an overhead shot of the gorge at Watkins Glen State Park. I liked the way the colorful leaves were scattered on the rocks here. And the stream makes a nice diagonal through the shot:


Watkins Glen GorgeWatkins Glen GorgeAn overhead view of the gorge at Watkins Glen State Park (NY), with autumn leaves.


That's all for now. Hope you're having a nice fall.



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