It's That Time of Year

December 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It's that time of year again. Time for my annual Christmas photo.

I like to create a still life image each year at this time, typically based around the Christmas decor in or around my home.

As has happened in the past, I've created more than just one image this year. Two, actually.

The first is a shot of some Christmas nutcrackers, standing at attention in front of the tree:

NutcrackersNutcrackersNutcrackers stand at attention in front of a Christmas tree.

I love creating images with out-of-focus Christmas lights in the background. (FYI, that effect is called "bokeh".) It's very easy to do, and it creates a nice dreamy atmosphere.

The second shot is a simple image of a golden glass bell ornament. This ornament has been passed down through the generations of my wife's family. It's very delicate, and the glass is so thin that it glows nicely near the lights of the tree:

Golden BellGolden BellA golden glass bell - an ornament passed down through the generations of our family - hangs beautifully from our tree.

You may recall that I shot an image of this bell last year as well. (It was not last year's official Christmas photo, though. That was the Poinsettia image.) I think I like this bell photo a little better than last year's - it's a little less sharp than last year's photo, but it has more bokeh.

Now, I usually choose just one of the images each year to be my "official" Christmas photo. I have one of these in mind for that honor. But rather than reveal that now, I'll let you, my loyal readers, weigh in. Which do you prefer?


Or "Golden Bell"?

Send me an email, or enter a comment to this blog post, to let me know.


From all of us here at, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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