A Wintery Photo

February 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

With the cold blast that's hitting the northeast U.S. right now, I thought I would post a photo of some nice "summery" flower or plant, just to take our minds off of the ugly, gray, bitter winter. (And I'm not just talking about the Presidential race.)

But then I realized that those photos are really better for the warm-weather months. An image of a flower, taken on a warm sunny day, posted on a blog in the middle of winter, just screams "old photo". And I don't want my images screaming anything, or at least not that.

So I thought I would instead find a shot of some plant life that's more season-appropriate. Of course that means an evergreen.

Being a fan of close-up/macro photography, I stumbled upon this little shot, which I dusted off and cleaned up:

PinePineNeedles on a pine tree, on a hill near Lake George in upstate New York.


These are pine needles from an evergreen on a hillside near Lake George in upstate New York.

The image is actually from the fall, not the winter. But I think it's still a "wintery" photo.

And it's a reminder that, even in the cold weather months, there still some color and life out there in the middle of the ugly, gray, bitter winter.




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