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No new photos to share this week. But I do have an older photo that I can unveil.

While on the boat trip back from a visit to Fort Sumter, the sun was setting over Charleston harbor. A huge freighter happened to cruise by, and I got this shot:


FreighterFreighterA freigher cruises the Charleston Harbor at night.


You're looking at the freighter head-on here, so you don't really get a feel for how big it is.

Take my word for it - it was huge.  

With the low light, and our boat bobbing up and down, this was not an easy shot to get. In fact, I rattled off a bunch of shots from our boat's stern in the hopes of getting at least one sharp shot of the freighter. My camera was set to gather as much light as possible - shutter speed 1/80 sec (as low as I dare go with this lens without a tripod), aperture was f/6.3 (very wide-open), and ISO was 1600 (any higher than that, with my camera, and the image noise is too hard to manage). This is the one image that seemed to capture the freighter with acceptable sharpness.

We were moving, and so was the freighter, so I only had about a minute to get a shot, with the sunset in the background, before the moment was over.

We were like two ships that passed in the night.

Don't tell me you didn't see that one coming.




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