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In my continual search for ideas for macro/close-up photography, one idea I've come up with is a close-up image of electronic circuitry. 

Subject matter for that kind of shot isn't easy to come by. Unless of course you're willing to disassemble and/or smash some piece of electronics to do it. (Frequent users of Microsoft software probably get the urge to smash electronics on a daily basis. Doing so tends to void your warranty, so I would advise against it.)

I did stumble upon some exposed circuits the other day though. I didn't have my camera with me, so I grabbed this quick iPhone shot:

CircuitCircuitA close-up of a circuit board, in monochrome.

I converted the image to monochrome using Lightroom, and added a very light vignette and some sharpening. My goal was to give the photo a stark futuristic look.

The foreground isn't as sharp as I would have liked. I'm limited in what I can do with the iPhone at this distance.

I want to get a shot like this again sometime, but I want to do it right, with my real camera and macro lens. So think of this as just a test shot. It's not a great photo in terms of sharpness, but it was worth it just to get a feel for what an image like this would look like.

The circuit, in case you were wondering, belongs to a now defunct hard disk drive. I can't confirm this, but my assumption, based on some scuff marks I saw, is that it belonged to a system running Windows owned by a user with a short fuse.




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