Backdoor to Drayton

June 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I don't have much to pontificate about this week. I just wanted to share an old travel photo with you.

This is an image I grabbed while strolling the grounds at Drayton Hall, a legendary plantation outside of Charleston, SC.

Approach to DraytonApproach to DraytonThis is an image of the approach to the main house at Drayton Hall plantation, outside of Charleston, SC.


I love visiting (and making images of) historic places, especially specific places that have obvious historic ties. In this case, this is an image of the approach to the back of the main house. I don't remember all the details about the history of this particular plantation, but I can imagine that there were many people who walked/strolled through this area, where I was standing when I made this photo.

I love that "history rush" you get (or, at least, I get) when I'm standing on the very ground where history happened. I suppose that applies to a lot of places, but definitely some places more than others. This just felt like a place where things happened. So, as usual, I got a history rush.

The Mrs. and I love to seek out places like that, and Charleston was no disappointment. If you appreciate things like that, I highly recommend a visit there, along with its sister city, Savannah. You'll be glad you did.

(This message was not sponsored by the Charleston visitor's bureau.)



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