St. Mary at the University of Dayton

June 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Last week my wife and I paid a visit to her alma mater, the University of Dayton.

The university's campus is gorgeous. Everywhere you look there are historic brick buildings and manicured landscaping. I was really impressed. (And I'm a Penn State grad -- we usually don't like to accept the fact that other schools have nice campuses too.) The campus is larger than you might think. UD, as it's often called, is actually the largest private university in Ohio. This is not some tiny liberal arts college. UD has well-respected programs in engineering, law, business, health sciences, and many others. (They also have a great basketball program, and UD Arena has hosted more Division 1 NCAA basketball games than any other venue.)

Anyway, I'm not trying to sell the school. I'm just giving you some background.

UD is a Catholic university, founded by the Society of Mary back in 1850. The Marianists have, of course, paid homage to St. Mary in many ways on campus. I grabbed some photos of a few examples of that.

We'll start with historic St. Mary's Hall. This is a shot of a doorway to this building, with some nice landscaping in the foreground:

St. Mary's HallSt. Mary's HallDoors to St. Mary's Hall, on the campus of the University of Dayton.

Next we move to a quiet part of campus, the Serenity Pines Garden. A statue of Mary stands under a canopy of trees there. It took a few attempts to get the burst of sun to be just right for this shot. I tried several angles, and a few different apertures. (The small speckles you see on the statue are not image noise - those are present on the statue itself.)

St. Mary at Serenity PinesSt. Mary at Serenity PinesA statue of St. Mary at the Serenity Pines Garden on the campus of the University of Dayton.

Finally, an evening shot. The most iconic symbol of the University of Dayton is the dome of the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception. The dome appears on many university publications and products. While walking through campus one evening, I stopped and made this shot using a low-light photography app on my iPhone. (The dome is well-lit, so any camera app probably would have worked.) I like the contrast of the white and blue dome against the dark night sky.

UD ChapelUD ChapelNighttime shot of the iconic dome of the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception at the University of Dayton.

So, the next time you hear someone mention the University of Dayton, or you see "Dayton Flyers" in your NCAA basketball bracket, you'll know a little something more about the school, its gorgeous campus, and its devotion to Mary.



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