Barrels of Fun

July 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I'm short on time this week, so I just wanted to quickly share some recent travel photos.

While in Kentucky recently, I got some nice shots of bourbon barrels. I've already posted this first shot, but this is a version with a sepia-style (brownish monochrome) treatment, which I thought gave it a nice historic appearance:

Maker's Mark Barrels (Sepia)Maker's Mark Barrels (Sepia)Maker's Mark bourbon barrels, at their distillery in Kentucky.


I really like Maker's Mark, but I also like Woodford Reserve, another great bourbon distillery in the area. Here's the top of one of their barrels (which they make themselves). I gave this shot a sepia treatment also:

Woodford Barrel Top (Sepia)Woodford Barrel Top (Sepia)The top of a bourbon barrel at Woodford Reserve distillery.


Finally (and because I always like posting groups of 3 images), here's another Woodford barrel, this time from the side. I liked the warm tones of the wood, so I didn't use a sepia effect here:

Woodford BarrelWoodford BarrelA bourbon barrel at Woodford Reserve distillery in Kentucky.


That's it. Barrels of fun, eh?

I know. Gimme a break, I'm short on time.



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