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First, let me apologize for, once again, not posting anything here for quite some time. 2017 has been a busy year so far, but unfortunately not for photography. I haven't taken the ol' Nikon out in a long time. (Technically, it's "out" - sitting on my desk - but these days it's being used as more of a paperweight than an image-capturing device.)

But, to keep this blog alive, I didn't want to go quiet for too long. So, since I don't have any recent shots to share, I thought I'd mine some of my older images. These are photos I haven't shared here before.

I actually looked back a couple years, to a great trip my wife and I took to Georgia and South Carolina - Savannah and Charleston to be exact. Savannah was especially photogenic. I noticed, as I looked back over my shots from that trip, that I took several that were nice close-ups of the amazing statuary in that town. Here's a few that turned out well.

First, a shot that I call "Lonely Statue". It's a close-up of a statue of a girl I saw outside one of Savannah's amazing doorways. It was somewhat hidden at the bottom of a staircase, by itself, and I just thought the girl looked lonely. Anyway, I gave the image a black-and-white treatment, because I thought it looked best that way:


Lonely StatueLonely StatueA small statue outside a Savannah doorway, hidden in a corner at the base of a staircase.


Next we have an image of a lion that's "guarding" one of the many city "squares" in Savannah. I think it's actually guarding a larger statue at the center of the square, but I don't remember which statue, or which square. (I could probably look it up, but I'm betting you probably don't really care.) Anyway, the star of this shot is the nice background - a key element in any photo:


Savannah LionSavannah LionA lion "guarding" one of many city squares in Savannah, GA.


Finally, we have the image that I think is the best of the bunch. This is a close-up of one of the soldiers depicted in a monument in Franklin Square, honoring Haitian soldiers who fought with the new United States during the Siege of Savannah (1779). I previously published a photo of another soldier from this monument, which I called "Haitian Volunteer". I call this one "Haitian Volunteer #2" (because that's how artsy folks like me name things):


Haitian Volunteer #2Haitian Volunteer #2A close-up of a monument in Franklin Square in Savannah, GA, honoring Haitian soldiers who fought with the new United States during the Siege of Savannah (1779).


That's all for now. Next week (or maybe the week after - I dunno), I'll either have some new shots for you, or I'll do some more photo mining in my archives. Either way, stay tuned.



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