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I shoot a lot of flower images. I know it. I can't help it. They're colorful, they stand still, and let's face it, people love flower shots.

Still, I thought I'd shake things up a bit by posting some plant life shots without big colorful flower petals - images that are instead mostly greenery.

These shots were all taken along a hiking trail at Watkins Glen State Park (NY).

First, we have some greenery that's familiar to most - the classic fern. I saw this little guy where you see most ferns - in the shade of a tree.


Watkins Glen FernWatkins Glen FernAn image of a forest fern captured near a trail at Watkins Glen State Park.


This next shot is a little abstract. These are lily pads, floating on a pond. It's almost disorienting to look at, because there's no frame of reference - I filled the frame with the lily pads.


Lily PadsLily PadsLily pads in a pond at Watkins Glen State Park


Finally we have a shot of a wild flower. I know, I said I was getting away from flower shots. But I meant those bright big-petaled flowers. This little fellow has just a touch of yellow, and I was able to get a nice, blurry, greenish-yellow background.


Watkins Glen WildflowerWatkins Glen WildflowerA little yellow wildflower near a trail at Watkins Glen State Park.


As it turns out, "Greenery" is actually the name of the Pantone "Color of the Year" for 2017. Who knew?




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