Flowers in Vibrant Black and White

June 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Flowers are all about color. But I recently saw some flower shots by other photographers that were rendered in monochrome (black and white), and that inspired me to try the same thing.

That's really just a polite way of saying that I ripped off their idea.

Let's say I was inspired.

This first shot is interesting because it's got that "repeated pattern" thing going on -- in other words, the flowers in the background look a lot like the one in the foreground.


Monochrome Flower #2Monochrome Flower #2A standard flower shot, rendered in monochrome.


Next we have what I think is a hydrangea. It's a big flower with a lot of detail, so I thought it made a good candidate for monochrome.


Monochrome Flower #3Monochrome Flower #3A standard flower shot, rendered in monochrome.


The last one is my favorite, just because of the detail in the flower petals, the various degrees of light and shadow, and just generally because I think it's a cool shot. I think it's the best of the three shots.


Monochrome Flower #1Monochrome Flower #1A standard flower shot, rendered in monochrome.


These were all taken at Longwood Gardens, and I've got a ton of flower shots from that day. Most of them are really best seen in vibrant color because, of course, that's how flowers look their best. But I chose the 3 images above for a monochrome treatment because I thought the color(s) of the flower itself weren't as important. There was enough interest in the shape of the petals, the setting of the flower itself, and the light and shadow in the photo.

I swear I'm trying to get away from these flower images, but they seem to keep filling up this blog. I wish I could tell you what's "coming up next", but things are very fluid at this point, so I have no idea what images I'll have available to post next. There's a good chance it'll be more flowers, but you never know.

As I like to say, stay tuned.




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