Steel Ford

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I'm a photography fan, obviously. But I'm also a fan of writing. I enjoy "wordsmithing" a message, in an effort to express an opinion or convey a feeling in an engaging and eloquent way.

As a case in point, I rewrote the preceding sentence about 3 times before I got it just right.

Anywho, the reason I bring this up is that my love of writing is the reason this blog often contains so much verbiage to go along with the images.

But I need to remember that, technically, this is a "photoblog".  So, by definition, it is to contain photos, with brief captions, and that's it. There should be no need to babble on and on about some obscure topic that's remotely related to the image in question, or the camera equipment used to create the photo, or the location at which it was taken, or the post-processing that was performed on it, resulting in run-on sentences with multiple clauses and seemingly no end.


So, here's a photo:

Steel FordSteel FordA 1936 Ford sedan, made of stainless steel, on display at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh.

It's the front grille and lights of a stainless steel 1936 Ford sedan on display at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA. I did not apply a monochrome treatment to it - this is the true coloring, with a little enhancement of the yellow/orange reflections from the overhead lights, which I thought was a nice effect.

'Nuff said.




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