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Foregrounds and Backgrounds

June 10, 2018 - I've mentioned several times on this blog that "foreground interest" is important for any landscape image. By that I mea...
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Cacti Reconsidered

June 02, 2018 - I've never been a big fan of cacti. (I could also have said "cactuses", but that doesn't sound as academic. Besides, I l...
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Backyard Bokeh

August 20, 2017 - As I've discussed in the past on this blog, the photography term "bokeh" refers to an out-of-focus area of an image. A p...
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Spring Has Sprung

April 16, 2017 - All nature photographers love the coming of spring. It's tough getting nature shots - trees, flowers, wildlife, etc. - i...
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Trees, Bugs, Flowers and Such

September 11, 2016 - When you go walking down a nature trail, or any trail through a natural area, you expect to see, you know, nature. Trees...
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Daisies in the Morning Sun

July 04, 2016 - It seems like it's been a while since I've posted some flower images. I shoot a lot of flowers, I know, and I don't want...
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Foreground Interest

May 15, 2016 - I'm not much of a landscape photographer. At least not yet - but I'd like to get better at it. One thing I do know is t...
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Spring, a Time of Change

April 24, 2016 - Spring is a time of change. Nowhere is that more noticeable than in the trees. Leaves start appearing on branches that h...
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Daffodil Disagreement

April 17, 2016 - Spring has sprung, so prepare to see more flower photos on this blog. Sorry. Gotta do it. It gets old sometimes, I kno...
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2015 Year In Review

January 03, 2016 - As we start the new year, and I look back on my photography from 2015, I notice that I definitely improved as the year w...
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First Leaf

September 13, 2015 - I assume you've already glanced down and noticed that I'm posting yet another image of a leaf. Perhaps I'm starting to r...
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Busy Bee

September 09, 2015 - I consider myself a nature photographer. At least part of the time. (During the cold weather months, I tend to lean more...
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Blue Salvia

August 30, 2015 - At long last, the flower shot you've all been waiting for. (I know. Humor me.) Here it is... a blue flower: I'v...
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A Splash of Red

August 26, 2015 - Yeah, I know, in my last post I said I would look for some blue in my next shot. Well, I'm sticking with red for now. T...
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Leaves of Red

August 23, 2015 - In recent posts I've shared photos of a red flower, and of red berries. I'm continuing that "red" series (which isn't re...
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August 16, 2015 - Yep. That's right. More flowers. If you've already glanced down at the photo below, you've already seen that I'm postin...
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Wild Berries

August 13, 2015 - Earlier this year, my wife and I spent a long weekend at Stonewall Resort, in the mountains of West Virginia. We did a...
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White Rose

August 09, 2015 - I recently mentioned that I wanted to capture as much summer color as I could, while summer was still around (here in th...
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Black Eyed Susans

August 02, 2015 - More flowers? Yep, more flowers. It's summer, and it's not here forever, so I need to get as many nature shots as I can...
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Leaves With Character

July 12, 2015 - I proclaimed last week on this blog that I'm a "nature photographer". That, of course, does not mean that I'll constantl...
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Keeping My Resolution

June 23, 2014 - Shortly after the start of the new year, I mentioned on this blog that I intended to shoot more this year. It was a New...
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A Flower of Flowers

May 18, 2013 - Yeah, I know, I do a lot of flower shots. It really isn't because I'm nuts about flowers. It's more to do with the fact...
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