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Flowers Again? Really?

March 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Yep. Flowers again.

I've posted a lot of flower shots on this blog in the past. As a self-proclaimed "nature photographer", I can't easily avoid creating images of flowers.

They're everywhere.

And they're relatively easy to shoot. I say "relatively" because although a lot of people crank out snapshots of flowers that look nice, it does take a little bit of skill to really do it right - that means getting the whole flower in focus front-to-back (if that's the result you're going for), setting the background out-of-focus (again, if that's what you're going for), composing the shot correctly, exposing it correctly, etc.

I haven't generated any new shots this week. (Sorry, too darn busy.) But I did come across some previously unpublished flower images from a trip my wife and I took a few years ago to historic Fort Ticonderoga in upstate New York. Outside the fort, there are some flower gardens that we strolled through.

And it was a sunny day.

And I had my camera.

So what happened next was pretty predictable.

So... here's a red flower:

Red Flower, Brick WallRed Flower, Brick WallA lovely red flower in front of a red brick wall.

And here's a shot of some berries. They're not flowers,per se, but they're still nice to photograph:

Hanging BerriesHanging BerriesRed berries hanging from a tree.

Finally, here's a yellow flower:

Sunlit Yellow FlowerSunlit Yellow FlowerA yellow flower lit up by the mid-day sun.

With the weather so unseasonably warm here in the northeast U.S. recently, I just felt like sharing some sunny warm-weather shots this week. (Sorry my descriptions aren't any better than "red flower", "berries" and "yellow flower".  That's the extent of my horticulture knowledge.)

Hopefully in the coming week I'll find time to actually pull my camera out and create some new shots.



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