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May 01, 2016  •  2 Comments

I like doing architectural photography, though usually those are exterior shots.

Here's an interior architectural image, displaying the "nave" of beautiful St. Bernard Church in Mt. Lebanon, PA:

St. Bernard InteriorSt. Bernard InteriorInterior shot of St. Bernard Church, Mt. Lebanon, PA.


The subdued lighting and vibrant stained glass really gives you an impression of the feel of this place.

Interior shots are often difficult because of lighting issues, and also because it's difficult to capture architecture at a large scale from inside the building.  You're often limited to getting close-ups of architectural details. In this case, however, I had the opportunity to stand near the altar and get this shot while looking back from a slight elevation. The repeated pattern of the pews, and the center aisle stretching off into the distance, gives this image a lot of depth.

That's all for this week. Maybe next week I'll get back to the nature shots.



mark ali | photographs
It all depends on what you intend to shoot. Don't confuse the term "zoom" with "telephoto". A zoom lens is just a lens that allows you to vary its focal length. A zoom lens can cover both wide angle and telephoto ranges. Most people prefer zooms for travel photography, because they give you the most options with just one lens. The use of 24-70mm zooms are popular for travelers. But think about what you expect to be shooting, and choose a zoom that includes focal lengths that accommodate that. (For example, wide angle focal lengths for landscapes, telephoto focal lengths for wildlife, "normal" (~50mm) focal lengths for street photography, etc.) If you don't have the lens you need, consider renting one.
What's more useful on holiday, Wide angle lenses or zooms?
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