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Daisies in the Morning Sun

July 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It seems like it's been a while since I've posted some flower images. I shoot a lot of flowers, I know, and I don't want to saturate this blog with those photos. But this week I grabbed some nice shots of some daisies that I thought you might enjoy.

It was morning, so I was able to incorporate some of that nice, soft morning sunlight.

We'll start with a close-up of a single daisy. I purposely darkened the background in this shot, to spotlight the flower in the foreground:

Daisy Close-UpDaisy Close-UpA close-up of a daisy that's enjoying the morning sun.


Here's a few more daisies. I like to highlight two or three blooms in the frame like this sometimes - the viewer's eye bounces from flower to flower:

Morning Daisies #2Morning Daisies #2Daisies soaking up the morning sun.


Finally, here's a shot from a better angle. Everybody looks down at flowers, so a unique angle is one that looks up at them. These daisies are particularly tall, so this was a relatively easy shot to get (especially with the morning sun/sky in the background):

Morning Daisies #1Morning Daisies #1Daisies reaching for the morning sun.


I'm consciously trying not to shoot flowers too often these days. That's not only because I don't want to bore you, my readers. But also because I don't want to bore myself - flower shots are relatively easy and I like to challenge myself.

But in this case, since we're in the middle of summer (here in the U.S.), and these guys were practically posing for me this morning, I allowed myself some easy flower shots.

To all my U.S. readers:  Happy Independence Day.



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