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Trees, Bugs, Flowers and Such

September 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

When you go walking down a nature trail, or any trail through a natural area, you expect to see, you know, nature. Trees, bugs, flowers and such.

Such was the case when the Mrs. and I recently went walking down a trail. We saw trees, bugs, and flowers.

Here's the trees. I liked how you could see the clearing in the distance lit up by the bright sun. So I tried to capture that, while retaining some detail in the shadows. (There's so much green in this shot, with reddish ground cover of some sort, it was hard to prevent it from looking like it had a greenish/reddish tint throughout. But that's how the scene looked.)

Light Through the TreesLight Through the TreesI liked the way the open area in the distance was lit up and visible through these trees.


Here's the bugs. Just one bug, actually. A little white caterpillar, making his way through the grass (or trying to - I'm not sure how far he was planning to get). I focused up close, on the caterpillar, so the depth of field is pretty small - hence the out-of-focus grass in the foreground.

White CaterpillarWhite CaterpillarThis little white caterpillar was struggling to make its way through the grass.


And here's the flowers. Just one, a little yellow wild flower that was all along that section of the trail. I managed to isolate just this one, and expose for its petals, making the background dark and blurry, which is a cool effect:

Yellow Trail FlowerYellow Trail FlowerThis yellow wildflower was everywhere along the Arrowhead Trail, in Peter's Township, PA.


The trail I'm referring to is the Arrowhead Trail, in Peters Township, PA. It's a former rail line which was converted for trail use, and is a part of the larger Montour Trail. If you find yourself in southwestern Pennsylvania, and you feel like walking, I recommend hoping on the Montour and taking in the sights.

You're bound to see trees, bugs, flowers and such.




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