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What's New is Old

January 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It's been a while since I've published a new blog post. What can I say - busy weeks plus busy weekends equals no photography and therefore no blog activity.

But, I don't want the blog to go cold for too long, so I thought I'd post something today. I don't really have any new photography to share. But I thought I could at least share some news about what's been happening here at Mark Ali Photographs.

What's been happening is that there have actually been some sales. That's right - after running this web site for almost 6 years, I finally sold some prints. Four of them, to be exact. A couple late last year, and a couple more just recently.

The sales are new, but the photos are not. My first sales were of the following 2 images, which I made back in 2010 (and were some of the first images I ever posted on the website):

"Golden Rain 1":

Golden Rain 1Golden Rain 1I wanted to get a shot of this tree when the sun was low in the sky. I got a nice sunburst effect on the right.

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...and "Golden Rain 2":

Golden Rain 2Golden Rain 2I was again trying to get shots of this tree's leaves with a low sun in the background. I like the way the leaves glow here.

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Additional sales this year were prints of shots from my "Architecture" collection.  One was another old shot, "Ohiopyle Bridge", from 2009:

Ohiopyle BridgeOhiopyle BridgeAn old railroad bridge, converted to a pedestrian walkway, at Ohiopyle State Park.

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The other was a more recent shot, "Red Barn", from 2014:

Red BarnRed BarnThe late day sun illuminates the face of an old red barn in southwestern Pennsylvania.


So, at least commercially, good things have been happening around here.

I do need to get back to creating images, though.

Hopefully next weekend I'll have time to actually pick up my camera and use it.





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