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Red Rock Country

April 15, 2018  •  1 Comment

The terrain around Sedona, AZ is something you have to see to believe. The geological forces at work in that area (over a gazilion years, right up through today) have exposed gorgeous layers of earth and rock, resulting in a diverse landscape that includes expanses of desert, beautiful red rock buttes, and majestic mountain ridges.

Standing in the midst of all that, it's essentially impossible not to get a decent photo.

Here's a decent photo I got while standing in the midst of all that.

Sedona LandscapeSedona LandscapeThe red rocks of Sedona, AZ, make for a beautiful landscape.

I'm not typically a landscape photographer. But I did my best here to guess the hyperfocal distance, focusing approximately a third of the way into the scene in an effort to get as much in focus as possible.

In framing this shot, I was able to get a multi-layered image in which we have an immediate foreground (the big honkin' red rock I was standing on), a near-middle ground (the taller trees at the base of the rock), a far-middle ground (the flatter area with the smaller trees), a near-background (the red rock mountains), and a far-background (the lighter-colored mountains in the distance). The red rocks are the star of this photo, but the multiple layers of the image gives it some real depth.

The haze that you see in the valley was caused by a "prescribed burn" that was in progress at the time. (It's a method that authorities use to keep any future wildfires under control and to improve the local habitat.) I actually think that haziness made for a nice effect in this shot. I removed some of it using Lightroom, but left much of it in the image.

By the way, I was able to stand where I stood for this shot only because I took a Jeep tour. If you're in the Sedona area, I highly recommend a Pink Jeep Tour - it's the only way to get to places where you can really appreciate the beauty of "red rock country".



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