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Flowers Reaching for the Sky

May 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It wasn't too long ago that I was posting flower shots on this blog on a regular basis.  Some might say it was a little too often.

So, I moved away from flowers for a bit.  Not since last August have you seen any here.

But, spring has sprung, at last.  (It was a little late in arriving, at least where I live.)  So I think a nice splash of color is in order, compliments of Mother Nature.

This is actually one of my favorite images from a visit to Longwood Gardens in eastern Pennsylvania.

Reaching for the SkyReaching for the SkyA vibrant bunch of flowers reach for the sky.

I call this image "Reaching for the Sky", because that's what they're doing. 

(Actually, they're probably reaching for the sun.  But "Sky" sounded better.)

Most ordinary flower photos are taken with a downward angle.  To make a flower image that's not so ordinary, you sometimes have to get your pants dirty and get down on the ground, to capture them from their level, or lower.  That's what I did here, getting below the height of the petals and shooting up.  The ground was actually dry, so my pants survived.

I won't go back to posting flower shots every week.  But since spring (and soon summer) is here, after a long, dark, cold, grey, miserable, relentless, sun-less, and seemingly endless winter, I thought I'd brighten up the place with a little natural color.




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