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Spring Rolls Into Summer

May 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer here in the U.S. But it's technically still spring, and with spring comes rain and storms.

I thought I would post an image this week that captures the essence of both seasons.

Naturally, I chose a roller coaster.  (Hear me out.) 

It's Phantom's Revenge, a coaster at Kennywood Park near Pittsburgh, PA. Roller coasters and amusement parks are a summer tradition. On the day I captured this image, storm clouds were rolling in as riders enjoyed one final run.

The Phantom #2 (Monochrome)The Phantom #2 (Monochrome)Phantom's Revenge, a roller coaster at Kennywood Park, crests a hill just before a big drop.

The riders with their hands in the air adds a nice touch, with a huge area of negative space above them. A storm was brewing.

This image has appeared on this blog before, but in color. I rendered this in monochrome to highlight the gray clouds and to give the image a slightly more ominous, "storm-brewing" feel.

I composed the image to highlight the curves of the coaster, with the foreground track effectively making a sweeping diagonal across the frame. Your eye tends to want to sweep along that line, and then jump to the cars on the background rails.

Is that what your eye did? Or did you look first at the coaster cars in the background, and then notice the sweeping rail in the foreground? Let me know.






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