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Alexandria Reflections

July 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Alexandria, Virginia is a great little town just outside of Washington, DC.  Its Old Town area is steeped in history - not to mention lots of quaint shops.  (So quaint, in fact, that they should probably be called "shoppes".)  There's brick sidewalks and historic buildings everywhere you look.

So, of course, that translates to a lot of photo ops.

A focal point of town is Alexandria City Hall, topped by an historic clock tower.  On a sunny day, it's easy to get a great shot of the tower.

I was doing just that a few years ago when I remembered an old photography adage - always look behind you.  It applies mostly to outdoor photography, and the point (as I interpret it) is that you should not get fixated on what's in front of you - remember to look behind you and all around for alternate shots.

In this case, what was behind me was an old window to a building with a dark interior.  Since it was a sunny day, the window acted like a mirror.  Rather than get a straight shot of the clock tower, I got this much more interesting image:

Alexandria ReflectionAlexandria ReflectionThe Alexandria, VA City Hall clock tower, reflected in a nearby window.

Old paned windows like this are ubiquitous in Old Town, so this image captures two iconic symbols of Alexandria in one shot.

I'm glad I turned around.





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